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Genre: Music performance with live cello and piano
Age: Anyone aged 2 and up.

Wind in your face, wind to suspend in, wind to grab you, wind to be caught.
Wind through your fingers, wind that flies, wind that flutters, wind that rocks gently.
How does the wind feel? How does it sound? And how do you create your own wind?
From a caressing breeze, quiet rustle to flying swish the show takes you on a whirlwind journey past tumbling, fluttering and swaying.

Will you join us to find out where the wind comes from? Move with the breeze, fluttering leaves and swaying feathers.

Waai is an exciting musical performance in which cellist Florien Hamer and pianist Carlos Guerrero wonder where the wind is. Is it from a suitcase or from underneath your skirt? Is it in your mouth? But what if the wind is unstoppable and comes from everywhere at once?

SOIL, founded in 2003 by cellist Florien Hamer, consists of Marijn Korff de Gidts (percussion and composition), Brook Cuden (piano) and Florien Hamer (cello). Since 2005 the ensemble creates music theatre shows for small audiences and at location for both children and adults. Throughout the years SOIL has created itself around a louse group of theatre makers, dancers, actors and mime-actors and chooses a suitable combination for each show. Marijn Korff de Gidts is part of the group since 2010 as percussionist and composer.

SOIL has cooperated with the Hans Hof Ensemble, Plan-D, ZTHollandia, tgBloodyMary. SOIL has composed shows for e.g. the Wiener FestSpiele, Oerol Festival and Noorderzon. Waai is their first performance for this age group. For more information about SOIL please check www.soil-ensemble.nl.

Concept: SOIL/ Florien Hamer
Cello, song, play: Florien Hamer
Piano, song, play: Carlos Guerrero
Final directing: Klaus Jurgens