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Leeftijd: Anyone age 2 years and up
Locatie: OBA, Javaplein
Genre:  visual performance

Look, the light that is dancing on water.
Can you hear the ocean?
The wild rustle,
the quiet in between the waves,
the scratching and caressing of a pencil on the paper.
Time is standing still for a moment,
there is only now.

A moment to listen to the quiet in between the waves, like time is standing still. In this drawing performance the visual artist, illustrator and performer Liesje van den Berk researches water, light and possibilities to really be in caught in the moment.

Liesje van den Berk (Nijmegen, 1982) is a visual artist and performer. In her work people, their communication and their relation to the occupied space are of the essence.

She requests the presence of others and of herself. How do you relate to the space you are in, the people that surround you and the passing of time.

“In the past years I spend a lot of time working while at the seaside. I have collected lots of material and ideas by living and working in the rhythm, smells, sounds and view of the ocean.. These notes, sketches, observations and moments of being in aw are things I would like to share with others and with children in particular. Children are good teachers for performers as they notice your inner you and mirror this.”

“This project has sprouted from my experience with the ocean. In my youth we used to often go to the seaside because of my allergies. The sea is a place where I can breathe best. She creates a freedom, quiet and openness and a triggers a conscience of my body in its surroundings.  I feel insufficient though yet I feel more alive.”

Concept and artist: Liesje van den Berk
Cornet, voice and composition: Felicity Provan
Lights: Ellen Knops
Advice: Ingrid Wolff en Anne-beth Schuurmans
Coproduction with 2 Turven Hoog
Many thanks to:  Leela May Stokholm, Erik van Raalte, Niels Vermeulen, Jeen Rabs, Kristien Sonnevijlle en Cathelijn van Goor