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4 – 8 year old children and grown ups

A hole usually is a circle – Florschütz & Döhnert (DE) DUTCH PREMIERE 

Usually a hole is a circle. The doesn’t weigh anything and it has no name. But there is always one to find, somewhere, just like that, for no reason. You find them in your sock, in the cheese and even in the sky. If you want to take hold of them, you’ll miss. You can make them bigger or smaller or cover them, but you can never keep them with you. Holes are a mystery. A small hole is enough to turn you into a discoverer.

An expedition in the world of fantasy. Object theatre without words which is magical and incredibly funny!

“I could watch this show again and again. Every time you think you’ve worked out what’s happened, you find you didn’t work it out at all! Pure magic and fantastic creators and players who will always be welcome at our festival!”  I.Wolff Artistic manager 2 Turven Hoog