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Leeftijd: anyone age 3 and up
Locatie: het KAF, kleine zaal

I can hear something
I can feel something
Am I seeing something? Or am I not seeing it?
What will it be?

Odd things are drifting in on the wind. It is like the story itself is drifting in…
Shall we make music and dance so it can blow along to another place?

About the previous show Wonderzoekers by Anne-beth Schuurmans Theaterkrant wrote:  “a gorgeous play with which children clearly sympathize … Cie sQueezz manages to strike the right chord with children.”  

Compagnie sQueezz is the platform of the makers Marie-Rose Mayele and Anne-beth Schuurmans.  They met at Danstheater Aya. This meeting was the start of a joint and inspired artistic quest. They did this supported by Danstheater Aya and Dansmaker Amsterdam.

Anne-beth creates striking dance theatre and ornate experiences for the whole family.  The past two years 2 Turven Hoog have accompanied Anne-beth in the new makers process of Foundation Podiumkunsten, in which she has created the succesful show Wonderzoekers and has now put together Aangewaaid.

Concept: Anne-Beth Schuurmans together with Elian Smits and Dennis van Tilburg
Choreography and directing: Anne-Beth Schuurmans
Dance: Gwen Langenberg
Percussion: Adriaan Groffen
Interactive sound system: Dennis van Tilburg
Coproduction with Festival 2 Turven Hoog

Aangewaaid can be seen at 11:30 and 15:30.