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4 – 8 year old children and grown ups

East, west – TG Bodemloos | theatre

In East, west you enter a very special home: a cosy campervan. You meet the occupant of the campervan: a strange but friendly lady, with equally strange roommates. You can see how their house has become their home. Because, what is home? Is that your soft toy, your own bed, the couch that is so comfy, your family? Or perhaps it is the fragrance that you can smell when you enter your home? And are you allowed to remove the spider web? Or will you then destroy the home of the spider? And what if you have to leave your home? This will become apparent when a stern lady arrives at the door, holding a letter.

“Young makers with a very modern performance who take all children seriously, and all adults as well, by the way. The scene is a tiny campervan on the square in front of the theatre, so it’s just as cosy and comfy as home.” I.Wolff Artistic manager, 2 Turven Hoog


Concept & Play: Saskia Tilanus en Suzie Roijmans
Production: Tanya Pierce
Commercial leadership: Jonnie Paling
Design: Best Withet
Music: Niek-jan Lathouwers