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Nao Nao – Le Vent des Forges (France) | object theatre Dutch première

2 – 6 year old children and grown ups

30 September in Almere, in KAF

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1 October in Amsterdam, de Krakeling

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Não slips and ends up in a muddy puddle. He thinks it is funny. He observes the bubbling surface of the water and discovers smiling eyes in it. Eyes that invite him to make the mud talk and splatter a lot, using hands and feet.
Não! That is not allowed!

No, but it’s such fun …

Big hands grab hold of Não: “Não, Não! Now what have you done!”

A tender and rebellious performance made entirely out of mouldable clay. About a little boy that explores using his senses and is not afraid to get dirty doing so. About fun. And about what is not allowed. But also about the emotions of an adult, when they yell “no” using all their might.
The languages in this performace are Portugese and French, but even if you don’t speak either language, you will still understand what is being said.


“Nao Nao is put together in cooperation with De Krakeling in Amsterdam. The creators bring you a tiny little amphi theatre in which you can sit and will witness a world made of clay. Nao Nao has toured to other countries and now premieres in Holland.” I. Wolff Artistic manager 2 Turven Hoog


Theatre group: Le Vent des Forges (FR)
Directing: Odile l’Hermitte
Manipulating the clay: Marie Tuffin
Play: Mariana Caetano en Christine Defay
Light: Lionel Meneust
Costumes: Grazin Guillaume Roudot