Theater De Spiegel (BE)

Welcome to Labotanik, a garden where you can feel and taste, brew and grow. Where leaves fall from the trees, where birds nest and snails build their houses. Where music hangs in the trees, dancers rustle between the leaves and where the view is beautiful. A pleasure garden for your eyes, ears and especially for your imagination. A place for babies and their caring gardeners. You can sit, lie or crawl around, sing along, drum, dance, laugh, and clap. You may look and listen, but you can also touch. A garden to discover and experience together. (This is a long performance, therefore we encourage you to come and go as you please,  you are not obliged to stay for the full 70 minutes.). 

Dates & tickets

Thursday April 18 – Almere – KAF – 10:00, 15:00

Friday April 19 – Almere – KAF – 10:00, 15:00

Saturday  April 20 – Almere – KAF – 10:00, 15:00

Sunday April 21 – Almere – KAF – 9:30, 11:00