Gerard de Bruyne & Tessa Zoutendijk (NL)

A draftsman, a violinist and a very large sheet of paper on the floor. All children sit around it. The sheet is still empty and it is still quiet. Then the violin sounds with long notes. Long white lines appear on the paper. What will it be? Where’s that going?

Violinist Tessa Zoutendijk and draftsman Gerard de Bruyne take you into a world full of images and sound. The children become part of the artwork. The drawing becomes score.

Dates & tickets

Monday April 15 – Almere – Corrosia – 10:30 (SOLD OUT), 14:00 (SOLD OUT)

Tuesday April 16 – Almere – Sterrenschool De Ruimte – 10:30 (SOLD OUT), 14:00 (SOLD OUT)

sold out