Linnet van der Wal, Kajetan Uranitsch & Maartje Prins (NL)

Schuimtuim (Foam Garden) is a sense tickling and interactive theater journey through a world of foam. Together, players and children create a landscape of many pieces of foam rubber, different in shape, size, hardness and color. Together they discover how the abstract forms of foam feel, how you can build with it and how they can transform with fantasy into recognizable creatures or objects.

Dates & tickets

Wednesday April 17 – OBS De Archipel – KAF – 10:30 (SOLD OUT), 14:00 (SOLD OUT)

Friday April 19 – Almere – KAF -10:30, 12:00

Saturday April 20 – Almere – KAF – 11:30, 15:00

Ticket Almere