Dates & tickets

 This show plays on the 25th of October in Almere.

« colimaçonne »

AK entrepôt (FR)

A dance and visual art performance for children from 15 months old.

« colimaçonne » gathers one painter, Laurance Henry, and one hip-hop dancer, Jordan Malfoy. This duet has been inspired by residencies in kindergarten, schools, and retirements houses, and proposes gestures, movements, that comes up from anyone’s childhood : breath, flow / jerk, impact / impulse, extremely small, poetry of daily life gestures or playing.

Technically very light, « colimaçonne » has been thought to be able to be performed in-situ, in any kind of space with daylight : in libraries, kindergarten, schools, private houses, retirement houses, or on stage of course with the audiences all around the performers.