Nat Gras (BE)

For young children skin and hair are part of the daily discoveries around you and me. My arm is brown, and yours? I have a blond ponytail, and you? ‘ Heel-huids’ is a dance performance for toddlers, parents and other curious people.

Feeling feeling
Skin feeling
Touching touching
Hair touching
Big hair
All flair
Tall legs
Are now gone.

In this performance both worlds effortlessly flow into eachother, young and old, packed in a world of surprising dance and strong images.

A starry sky of freckles, a shivering with goose bumps, the drawing of a scar or the crease of a laughter line. A curly head, a white head, bald or 2 braids. ‘ Heel-huids’ is about your inside and outside and how they relate to each other.