Dates & tickets

This show plays on the 24th & 25th of October in Almere.

en UN éclat

AK entrepôt (FR)

Dance and visual art performance for everyone from 3 years old.

« en UN éclat » is a choreographic duet with an old woman (78 years old) and a young breakdancer.

A white set. Immaculate. Circular. A playground. Here stands a woman, a dancer, white haired. This white space is hers. She is moving quietly, slowly ; she has time, a lot of time.

The first move comes from a boy ; he is a dancer as well. He appears out of nowhere. 
And the meeting between these two ages takes shape and comes to life. Slowly because the woman, the eldest, has time. Clumsily, because the youngest, the greedy boy is impatient.

The two bodies are facing, testing each other, and using one another’s energy, one another’s precision.