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This show plays on the 24th of October in Almere.

Spiegel – Philipp Cahrpit

16 december 2020 | 14:45 - 15:15


Philipp Cahrpit

Hey you, yeah, you!
Who are you, or, who am I?
BAre you you or are you me?
Can I come sit with you,
dance with you, laugh, jump?

Or does it stop at the border between us,
that cold, slippery surface?
How do I get to you, or, you to me?

SPIEGEL is a visual quest for the here and now, in which yourself (or is it the other?) sometimes appears upside down, sometimes the same, sometimes far away or very close. Which reality is the real one? And how do those two come together? An investigation into breaking boundaries.

Philipp Cahrpit graduated in 2019 from the Theater maker / teacher training at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. In his graduation year, he created the visual performance “Een Bol Van Kak” for preschoolers about a dung beetle that no longer liked to push his enormous ball of dung every day. This creative process and the honest reactions of the children inspired him to continue researching at 2turvenhoog into creating performances for the smallest audience. He creates visual, poetic performances in which movement is central.

This is a Proeftuin performance. In the Proeftuin theater makers, who have never made theater for toddlers before, unleash their performance concepts to the young audience and their parents. In this way they discover together with them what works and what doesn’t. They will make a new performance based on the experiences they gain during this experiment.