Dates & tickets

This show plays on the 25th of October in Almere.


Tessa Zoutendijk & Gerard de Bruyne

An illustrator, a violin player and on the ground a huge piece of paper. The kids around it. At first the sheet is empty and it is quiet. Than you hear the violin play, long notes. Long lines appear on the sheet. What will it be? Where will it go

Violin player Tessa Zoutendijk and illustrator Gerard de Bruyne invite the audience to dive into a proces of creation in which artist and child inspire eachother. This way a world of structures and paterns in sound, lies, colors and movements enfolds. A unique experience.

About the artists
Gerard de Bruyne and Tessa Zoutendijk, two artists with a lot of experience, love to play in the moment.  Through drawing and making music they know how to communicate with their young audience and are they capable to let their audience be involved.