Dates & tickets

This show plays on the 21th of December in Philharmonie Haarlem.


Het Laagland

WHOOSH! is a performance to watch and listen to. After the performance the children are invited on stage to discover and play.
©Moon Saris

On a floor Karlijn and Bram are challenging each other. It takes their full focus to not pop the bubbles underneath their feet. They’re holding their breaths. They take you along in a series of images and sounds, which via breath and vocals ends in a wonderful world, where air becomes visible.

WHOOSH! is a wonderful world made from…nothing. You can’t see it, but it is there. You can hear it. Karlijn and Bram are playing with air and with this they make each other and the world move.

This performance was realized in the proeftuin of 2turvenhoog festival 2019.